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The Nietzsche / Wagner Controversy, Just Prior To The Publication of Human, All-Too Human

Schuster, Max Lincoln. A Treasury Of The World's Great Letters, pub 1940, Simon and Schuster.

Schuster provides the text a letter written around 1879 but never delivered by Nietzsche to Wager which supplies additional context to the argument that Nietzsche's philosophies can be understood as a reaction against Wagner, his former idol turned bitter rival. As he describes in his own words, Nietzsche's plan was to publish Human, All-Too Human anonymously, and when he was not able to do so, he systematically revised his opus as originally intended in an effort to avoid further insult to Wagner.




This collection also includes a reproduction of a letter written by hand in the year 1848 by Poe to his colleague, George Eveleth, in which Poe, starting at "10 -," describes his despair over the loss of his wife, Virginia Eliza Clemm, who was his first cousin and who was married to him at the tender age of 13.



Tracy said...

Edgar Allen Poe's wife his thirteen year old cousin, and it's also a fact they lived with her mother. The mother loved Edgar and approved of the marriage. Times were different back then I have to say.

SJC said...

I really like these old books especially the handwritten letter. It is interesting to see what the handwriting of historical characters was like. But you should buy a document scanner. They are inexpensive now, and some of the images are blurry and hard to read

HDavis said...

No wonder Wagner and Nietzche were in conflict until their dying days. They both had such gigantic egos. "I am an officer who stormed a breastwork despite his severe wounds." HA You're writing books, not fighting a war.

Corey M said...

Steve, You can click on each image to see it up close. I only have a camera to transfer copies to the computer, and some of the copies are blurry. I'll take the best photos I can though.

ToroT said...

Do you have an email address?

Corey M said...

It's coreymichaels79@gmail.com, but you can also just click on 'About' for contact info.